2 Essential Relationships for Expat Startup Success – Part 1: The Monk

Moving to a new country is hard and many people don’t last long. Recently, I was talking to a couple who returned to the States after six frustrating months of trying to start a business in India. They hit roadblocks at every turn and culture shock hit them hard, causing them to come back to the States to decide what to do next. As we were talking, I mentioned the two essential relationships and they were blown away, admitting that life might have been easier if they had sought out The Monk and The Guide. I first heard about The Monk and The Guide from one of my MBA professors.  The idea resonated with me because, by that time, I had unknowingly experienced both of … Read more

Why Cross-Cultural Living?

I believe cross-cultural living is one of the most rewarding experiences an individual can have. Even if you don’t plan to start a business and be there for an extended stay, I encourage everyone to spend three months to a year living in a culture different from their own. I have seen the benefits in my own life and the lives of my wife, my two boys, and countless others that we have met along the way. While it may be impossible to describe all the benefits of cross-cultural living, here are some of the highlights: It will be difficult, but completely worth it. I remember days when I had 10 things on my to-do list and didn’t fully accomplish a single one, but not because … Read more